A Playlist: Top 5 Instrumental Study Songs

I’ve been in crunch time lately, since ta da, it’s midterm season again! (I also feel like I’m slowly dying from so much studying). I love listening to music when I do work, and I usually listen to instrumental music when I really need to focus. So I thought I would share some wonderful instrumental songs with you all, as you know me, I love music and writing (it’s also a form of procrastination)! I know five isn’t very many songs, but hopefully this list will open your eyes to new instrumental music, if you already love it like I do, or if you’re new to the genre.

  1. Storm is Coming (Extended Version) – Junkie XL

91xy4rlk98l-_sl1425_I love the Mad Max soundtrack from beginning to end, but this song is one that really stands out to me. It has every possible tone and rhythm, going from heavy bass and drums, to moments of victory and drama. Junkie XL’s use of the brass instruments really get to me in this song. I also really love it when instrumental songs have haunting voices with hymns in the background. It’s all around fantastic. If you listen to this song and find that you love it, I really encourage you to listen to the rest of the album. It’s fantastic.


2.  Symbol of the Rebellion – District Tribute

a4119905666_10I first of all, want to say that this artist is extremely cool because they wrote all of these songs based on The Hunger Games. Seriously, they have songs for every important scene and moment in all three books, and they are phenomenal songs. They basically created their own score for the series. This one in particular I love because it is so dark, and you can really hear the angst and distress Katniss goes through as the Mockingjay. It sounds like it’s leading up to an intense battle scene and I love it. Also totally recommend checking this artist out.


3. Panoramic – Atticus Ross

thebookofeli1Atticus Ross is an amazing composer, and his collaborations with other musicians for movies still amaze me. He composed for The Social Network, as well as Gone Girl, both movies with amazing soundtracks. I particularly love his work on The Book of Eli; his songs are delicate and crafted, and still powerful. Some are extremely harsh, fitting with scenes of the movie. This song in particular makes me feel reminiscent, and if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand exactly what I mean go watch it it’s on Netflix now it’s amazing.


4. Arrival of the Birds – The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

r-1692850-1237318266I discovered this song reading fanfiction about six years ago, and I still cry from it the fanfic was very emotional but I meant the song geez. This song just swells and soars and I really do feel like I’m flying with the birds. The violin and the harp and other string instruments just all come together so tragically yet beautifully and they hit you like a wave. I can’t handle it. I will listen to this song on repeat when I’m studying sometimes, because it is so gorgeous. The version I have isn’t by the same artists that originally perform it, but it sounds the same.


5. Heart of Courage – Two Steps From Hell

71ohvs0e2b3l-_sl1425_This group actually writes music for movie trailers and such, but their songs are so epic (haha get it, because epics were originally written about legendary heroes and such? Sorry I’m a Greek myth nerd) and I feel like going to war with my essay every time I listen to them. They make think of Sparta, and vicious gladiator battles, and rising against your enemy (I’m getting some Percy Jackson vibes here. Just me? Okay). This song is on the shorter side but oh, is it mighty.



All of these songs vary in style and mood, and I love them to bits. I hope you found some new music here today! I recommend checking out other songs by these composers, because they are all fabulous. Let me know if you’ve heard any of these songs before, or if you know any other amazing instrumental artists and songs in the comments! I love finding new music. Anyways, that’s all from me for now. My Cinder review will be up this week, I promise. Happy Sunday!


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