Top Ten Tuesday – Top Gifts to Buy for the Book Lover

Hello everyone! So this is my very first Top Ten Tuesday post and I’m very excited about it! The original idea is from The Broke and the Bookish, so thank you to them for hosting this  meme and creating new prompts for each week! I’m very excited to start doing these weekly posts, and they will help me keep posting regularly in my busy university life! So this week’s Top Ten is the Top 10 Gifts to Buy the Book Lover in your life. I’m going to do my best with this, as I know it can all vary on someone’s preferences with genre, and I know personally that it kind of sucks when someone buys you a book you had NO interest in reading. Thus I’m going to have a variety of genres in this list so there can be something for everyone! This list will be in no particular order either. Happy reading and shopping!

1. Classic Novels

9780141194059I personally think you can never go wrong with a classic novel. They make great gifts for almost anybody, and even if the book lover in your life has read it before, buying a copy with a gorgeous cover can never hurt! Plus, even if it’s not a genre they would typically read, that’s the fun part about classics: they’re supposed to be different from your modern day book as they were written in another time period, which adds to the fun! One of my personal favourites is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I am still hunting down this version of it! Other choices include works by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemmingway, and so many more.

2. Journals

9780830099177_p0_v2_s1200x630I know this one can vary depending on the book lover, but I’ve found there’s this trend in bookworms to have a journal obsession as well. I know I am one of those people, and you could never go wrong in buying me a journal. I may not use it for two years, because I have so many more to fill up first, oh but I promise you I will get there. If the book lover in your life is also a blogger, I’d say this is definitely a good idea, as they will likely need to jot ideas and thoughts down. Or they can use it for something else, but either way, journals are a good way to go, gift-wise.

3. Something Related to their Favourite Book (Series)

tote-1004_pride-and-prejudice_totes_1_compactIf your book lover is really into Harry Potter, Stephen King, or even one of the classics, getting them “merch” with that topic will always be a hit. Whether it be a Gryffindor scarf, a Moby Dick tote, or a print of books, I’m sure it will ignite joy in your book lover. I love quirky gifts like these, and they really show the thought that goes into a gift! They’ll have to know where you bought it, and you will be all the rage!

I’ll only be doing three this week, and I will build up from there! I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (even if I only did three – there technically isn’t any full requirements!) Happy reading!


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