2016 – A Wrap Up

Well, as 2016 comes to an end thank god, I thought I would look back on my year as a whole, and talk about what’s to come in 2017 (because isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?) for both the blog and myself. Life seems to get busier by the minute, so I’m sure life will still be a balancing act.

Even though 2016 may have been a big dumpster fire for almost everyone, there were still positives in the year I like to reflect on. I finished my first year of university, converted this blog into the book blog it is now, started up my bookstagram, read more than I have in a year, cut ties with toxic friends, got my first ARC, learned to cook, and still doing my best in university. I’ve really started making decisions for myself that I deserve to make. Something my cousin’s wife told me a few years back really resonates with me: your twenties are your selfish years, as you finally have full freedom to discover yourself and where you want to go in life before you settle down and have a family (if you so choose). You can do what you want, go where you want. And as my twentieth birthday draws closer, I’m really starting to understand what she meant. You can also bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to make those selfish decisions so that my life goes where I want it to. At the end of April, I’ll be halfway through my undergrad career. It’s scary to think about how fast time is going by.

As for the future of the blog in 2017, I’m making it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to post twice a week on here! It’ll involve a lot of time management, but I know I can do it. It’s just very easy to become overrun with readings and extracurriculars for university, on top of work as well. But my TBR list is longer than ever, so I will be reading my little butt off this coming year, so watch out for more reviews, and possibly even book playlists! I won’t be going anywhere in the blogging world, and I hope maybe the blog will take off a bit more as 2017 goes on. I know I was a bit late to the blogging scene, but I will catch up!

I would also like to thank each and every one of you who has been following me this year. Thank you for liking my posts and commenting on my reviews! It makes me so happy to see people interested in what I have to say, so thank you for being here with me. Without you all, I don’t know how I could blog! The book community is an amazing one, and even though we are still working out the kinks, we are making progress. I’m so happy to be apart of an extraordinary online community.

Lastly, to end off my lovely update post, I thought I would share some of my New Year’s Resolutions that involve the blog with you all. Whether they all happen this year, who knows? I’ll have to work hard!

  1. Post twice a week on the blog
  2. Reach 1000 followers on instagram
  3. Read 50 books in 2017
  4. Read at least one #ownvoices book per month
  5. Read diversely! (#ownvoices, etc)
  6. Promote more diverse books

Happy New Year bookworms! Here’s to 2017 and hoping it’s great!


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