Cress Review


Cress by Marissa Meyer
#3 of The Lunar Chronicles

Stars: ★★★★★

Okay, to say this review is long long long long long overdue would be a great HUGE understatement. What has it been, like 6 months? The second term of my year was just not great for me, so I wish I could have gotten it up sooner. But alas! Here it is. It will be a shorter review since I read the book in December, but thank god for notebooks! Thank you past-Aislyn for jotting down points about the book as I read.

Writing: As usual, Meyer’s writing was engaging and creative. I ate it up. It also seems that Meyer has finally fallen into a steady rhythm in regards to style and I loved it. The pace was even, and never felt like certain parts were overly descriptive and then others were as dry as bone – it was all done well, and I am so excited to read Winter, even though I should have done so already. As far as writing goes, this one has been my favourite so far.

Plot: My god, the plot was amazing. It was well-paced, I don’t think it slowed down once, and full of action. All things I love. I couldn’t get enough of the Thorne/Cress dream team, and how Cinder and Kai’s relationship progressed. The only thing I have to say that would be negative is that Erland’s “secret” wasn’t all that surprising, but I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to read! Overall the plot of this book also made it my favourite so far, so we will see if Winter surpasses it!


Characters: As usual, I loved all of the characters, and guess what wasn’t surprising? My love for Thorne grew even more (if that’s even possible but I SWEAR it did). I also love Kai even more! My Asian boy (I’m still mad Meyer didn’t specify WHERE in Asia he’s from, like there are so many different countries and ethnicities please, give someone representation. I know the obvious choice is China since he’s from New Beijing but still).

Cress: I loved Cress. She was so sweet and adorable, and just awkward, which really reminds me of when I was in high school (it was only two years ago don’t be fooled). I really loved how she forced herself out of her comfort zone, even though she was super awkward, but that made it so real and genuine for a teen girl. I wasn’t a fan of how crazy she is for Thorne immediately but it makes sense because a) teen girl b) she has been isolated from anyone else her age for her whole life. It would have been really awesome if she was a canonically bi or pan character but it will forever be real in my mind. I do love her and Thorne’s relationship (I am Cresswell trash) and I really enjoyed how (MINOR SPOILER) even though Thorne wasn’t exactly who she thought, Cress loves him anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing how her character develops further in Winter.

Thorne: I was thoroughly impressed with Thorne’s character development in Cress, and I love him even more than before. He is definitely one of my favourite characters of all time. I was so happy to see him grow past his older more selfish ways, and begin to truly care for others. Plus his acknowledgment of his faults was very impressive and I can tell we are beginning to see the more genuine Thorne, and that Cress was just a sliver (I’m already impressed so I guess I’m going to be blown away in the last book).

I wish I could totally sum up all the feelings I had about this book, but since it was a few months ago I don’t exactly remember but I can definitely tell you there was a lot of internal screaming out of both happiness and frustration and I am still so nervous to read Winter that I will probably be a nervous wreck the whole time! Let me know what you thought of Cress or the whole series if you’ve finished it! I will be posting all my reviews regularly now I promise. No more of this waiting-6-months-because-of stress deals. Thank you for reading, and see you soon!


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