Strange Things

we met in a strange place
full of strange things
the moon gave off sunlight
while the sun embraced the darkness

the trees swept into the ocean
while the ground wept towards the sky
the wolves roamed with us
while the dogs ran wild in the dusk

hatred turned to love
though to love
was to wish death upon your enemy
tears ran into blood
while blood washed the shore

to be young was to be wise
the old were not pitied
cold blades rest
against warm delicate necks

one quick slash is all we have

red runs rampant through the city
staining golden helms
cherry plumes fade to rust
ragged cloaks dust the ground
with their poison
a crimson blade speaks the truth

we met in a strange place
with many strange things
where blood runs in the rivers
and skulls hang in the trees

‘tis only you and i
bodies rake the shore
leaves walk among them
on their daily stroll

smoke hangs in the air
teeth gnash on bleached bones
an empty civilization
left for the picking
of the scavengers.


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