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Hello fellow readers, writers, and all of us in between. Welcome to my experience. My name is Aislyn. I’ve been an avid reader all my life, so I decided to make a book blog. In my small corner of the internet world, I’ll be writing about all different bookish things, and other cool posts involving things I love, because if you couldn’t tell from my blog title, I love books. I’m also bisexual, which I have just come to terms with recently, and I am very proud of who I am. This blog is a safe space for all marginalized groups. If you see or read something on my blog that hurts you, please let me know and I will remove it!

About Me copy


  • I’m studying for an Honors Specialization in English Literature & Language and Creative Writing and Minor in Classics at university. It’s a lot to say but I love it.
  • Rock is my favourite type of music, though I do listen to almost everything (kpop comes a close second). My iPod is a jumbled mess of different artists and genres.
  • I LOVE DOGS. I have a dog and a cat, so I guess they’re cool too.
  • English, history, and art are my absolute favourite things to study. I do enjoy astronomy a lot, although I would never pursue it other than for a hobby.
  • I eventually want to become an editor or publisher, or just some job that involves writing and reading. Preferably very fun and creative. We’ll see what happens later in life.
  • Iron Man and Deadpool are my favourite heroes (anti-hero?) and I prefer Marvel over DC (except for Wonder Woman and Batman).
  • Supernatural is my favourite TV show, but I also love anime. My favourites are HunterxHunter, Blue Exorcist, and AJIN: Demi-Human.


This is me and my treasured Supernatural poster.

Feel free to stop in and say hi on my twitter and instagram, or even my tumblr, and leave comments here on my blog! I love talking about books, or even if we have something in common I want to know! I love making new friends and I promise I don’t bite. I hope you enjoy my blog, and see you soon!


One thought on “About

  1. Hello there,nice profile. I’m glad I came across your blog, I really like books as well. I’ll follow you to see your other posts. ❤
    Also,feel free to check out my blog.


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